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Union County, North Carolina


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Notes: Before the formation of regular townships, the affairs of the county were managed by militia districts, there being thirteen of them, each containing one company of soldiers commanded by a captain. Owing to this fact, the districts were known as "captain's beats," and usually took the name of the commanding officer of that particular locality. At central points in the districts voting places were established and election returns made there from in much the same manner as returns are now made from townships. In 1869, after the new constitution of the State was framed, under the Reconstruction Act, surveys were made and the townships of Goose Creek, New Salem, Sandy Ridge, Lane's Creek, Jackson and Buford were laid off and their boundaries defined, in addition to Monroe. In 1879, the township of Vance was formed from portions of Goose Creek and Sandy Ridge, and several years later Marshville township was formed from portions of Lane's Creek and New Salem, being the last township division made up to the present time.
Within the boundaries of the regular townships, in some instances, charters have been granted for municipal organizations by the Legislature: Waxhaw, in Jackson; Wingate, lying in Monroe and Marshville; Unionville, in Goose Creek; Indian Trail, in Vance; and Marshville, in the township bearing the same name.
(Reprinted in the Carolinas Genealogical Society Bulletin, Volume XXXVI.4, SPRING 1999-2000.

Latitude: 35.0614769444444, Longitude: -80.4618072222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alsie Elizabeth  21 Feb 1820Union County, North Carolina I6520 myfamilytree 
2 Elizabeth  14 Apr 1847Union County, North Carolina I23023 myfamilytree 
3 Toy O  1877Union County, North Carolina I7730 myfamilytree 
4 ASHCRAFT, Sarah "Sally"  2 Feb 1857Union County, North Carolina I8241 myfamilytree 
5 AUSTIN, Beady E  12 Jan 1841Union County, North Carolina I11702 myfamilytree 
6 AUSTIN, Ellen Elizabeth  25 Jan 1834Union County, North Carolina I2222 myfamilytree 
7 BAUCOM, Atlas M.  1882Union County, North Carolina I1529 myfamilytree 
8 BAUCOM, Daisy Viloa  31 Oct 1911Union County, North Carolina I2754 myfamilytree 
9 BAUCOM, Dora A  1876Union County, North Carolina I6519 myfamilytree 
10 BAUCOM, Ethel Coleen  6 May 1923Union County, North Carolina I2764 myfamilytree 
11 BAUCOM, Eunice Chloe  11 Jul 1918Union County, North Carolina I2760 myfamilytree 
12 BAUCOM, Francis Alma  18 Oct 1913Union County, North Carolina I2756 myfamilytree 
13 BAUCOM, J. D.  15 Oct 1922Union County, North Carolina I1786 myfamilytree 
14 BAUCOM, Jesse Jerome  9 Sep 1947Union County, North Carolina I1789 myfamilytree 
15 BAUCOM, John Clemon  2 Aug 1916Union County, North Carolina I2758 myfamilytree 
16 BAUCOM, Melissa  1850Union County, North Carolina I6552 myfamilytree 
17 BAUCOM, Michael Lynn  23 Mar 1951Union County, North Carolina I1795 myfamilytree 
18 BAUCOM, Wade Hampton  9 Feb 1859Union County, North Carolina I23070 myfamilytree 
19 BAUCOM, Warren Glenn  10 May 1921Union County, North Carolina I2762 myfamilytree 
20 BIVENS, James Thomas  17 Jul 1854Union County, North Carolina I10571 myfamilytree 
21 BRASWELL, Caldwell James  6 Sep 1869Union County, North Carolina I5497 myfamilytree 
22 BRASWELL, Elam Evander  17 Feb 1859Union County, North Carolina I11143 myfamilytree 
23 BRASWELL, John Farah Ellington  25 Mar 1837Union County, North Carolina I800 myfamilytree 
24 BRASWELL, Martha Ellen  1854Union County, North Carolina I848 myfamilytree 
25 BRASWELL, Millie Vestie  19 Jul 1875Union County, North Carolina I1574 myfamilytree 
26 BRASWELL, Nile Wilson  28 Sep 1848Union County, North Carolina I5522 myfamilytree 
27 BRASWELL, Wade Hampton  Abt 1849Union County, North Carolina I11138 myfamilytree 
28 BRASWELL, William Hiran  Abt 1852Union County, North Carolina I11139 myfamilytree 
29 BROOKS, Bunyan  11 Sep 1897Union County, North Carolina I11708 myfamilytree 
30 BROOKS, Cyrus Henry  5 Sep 1897Union County, North Carolina I11709 myfamilytree 
31 BROOKS, Grace E  23 Aug 1895Union County, North Carolina I11707 myfamilytree 
32 BROOKS, Infant  21 Aug 1893Union County, North Carolina I11698 myfamilytree 
33 BROOKS, Infant  11 Jul 1900Union County, North Carolina I11710 myfamilytree 
34 BROOKS, Infant  15 Jun 1907Union County, North Carolina I11716 myfamilytree 
35 BROOKS, John D  5 Jul 1873Union County, North Carolina I11699 myfamilytree 
36 BROOKS, Judge Ellis  5 Dec 1879Union County, North Carolina I11701 myfamilytree 
37 BROOKS, Walter T  20 Mar 1868Union County, North Carolina I11715 myfamilytree 
38 BROOM, Margaret C  1 Sep 1848Union County, North Carolina I5674 myfamilytree 
39 BROOM, Martha A  1 May 1847Union County, North Carolina I5604 myfamilytree 
40 CUTHBERTSON, Lou Cyndia  Union County, North Carolina I2869 myfamilytree 
41 EFIRD, "Buddy"  Union County, North Carolina I876 myfamilytree 
42 EUBANKS, Jammie E. L.  Union County, North Carolina I3556 myfamilytree 
43 GRIFFIN, Drucilla Ellen  2 Feb 1864Union County, North Carolina I6562 myfamilytree 
44 GRIFFIN, Ellis P  1836Union County, North Carolina I9655 myfamilytree 
45 GRIFFIN, Enoch Washington  18 Nov 1844Union County, North Carolina I8405 myfamilytree 
46 GRIFFIN, Franklin W  20 Nov 1858Union County, North Carolina I23041 myfamilytree 
47 GRIFFIN, John Vernon  30 Jul 1877Union County, North Carolina I9841 myfamilytree 
48 GRIFFIN, Martha Jane "Patsy"  11 Aug 1824Union County, North Carolina I23031 myfamilytree 
49 GRIFFIN, Mary E  27 Nov 1852Union County, North Carolina I8306 myfamilytree 
50 GRIFFIN, Moses W  3 May 1846Union County, North Carolina I7982 myfamilytree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agnes  8 Jul 1825Union County, North Carolina I4887 myfamilytree 
2 Alsie Elizabeth  9 Jun 1894Union County, North Carolina I6520 myfamilytree 
3 Elizabeth  24 Sep 1892Union County, North Carolina I23023 myfamilytree 
4 Julia Ann  6 Jan 1889Union County, North Carolina I22886 myfamilytree 
5 Martha Jane  27 Dec 1924Union County, North Carolina I7891 myfamilytree 
6 Mary E  Union County, North Carolina I7893 myfamilytree 
7 Toy O  1952Union County, North Carolina I7730 myfamilytree 
8 ASHCRAFT, Sarah "Sally"  17 Jun 1881Union County, North Carolina I8241 myfamilytree 
9 AUSTIN, Beady E  Bef Dec 1866Union County, North Carolina I11702 myfamilytree 
10 AUSTIN, Ellen Elizabeth  25 Apr 1917Union County, North Carolina I2222 myfamilytree 
11 BAUCOM, Daisy Viloa  17 Oct 1998Union County, North Carolina I2754 myfamilytree 
12 BAUCOM, Elizabeth Ellen  4 Nov 1933Union County, North Carolina I7147 myfamilytree 
13 BAUCOM, Ellis Vernon  6 Nov 1954Union County, North Carolina I1582 myfamilytree 
14 BAUCOM, Henry Millard  7 May 1891Union County, North Carolina I4922 myfamilytree 
15 BAUCOM, Joseph Thomas  29 Aug 1873Union County, North Carolina I4927 myfamilytree 
16 BAUCOM, Lewis  1874Union County, North Carolina I4917 myfamilytree 
17 BAUCOM, Lusinda  7 Feb 1897Union County, North Carolina I23015 myfamilytree 
18 BAUCOM, Melissa  Union County, North Carolina I6552 myfamilytree 
19 BAUCOM, Sanders  26 Jan 1870Union County, North Carolina I23063 myfamilytree 
20 BAUCOM, Saphronia L  29 Aug 1873Union County, North Carolina I7139 myfamilytree 
21 BAUCOM, Sarah (Sally)  11 May 1875Union County, North Carolina I805 myfamilytree 
22 BAUCOM, Wade Hampton  29 Mar 1940Union County, North Carolina I23070 myfamilytree 
23 BIVENS, Eliza  20 Mar 1873Union County, North Carolina I10561 myfamilytree 
24 BIVENS, James Thomas  5 Sep 1919Union County, North Carolina I10571 myfamilytree 
25 BIVENS, Rev Joseph A  16 Aug 1920Union County, North Carolina I10792 myfamilytree 
26 BIVENS, Martha Elizabeth  7 Nov 1924Union County, North Carolina I8773 myfamilytree 
27 BIVENS, Robert Nathaniel  7 Apr 1899Union County, North Carolina I1763 myfamilytree 
28 BRANTLEY, Sarah W  8 Mar 1903Union County, North Carolina I7151 myfamilytree 
29 BRASWELL, Caldwell James  10 Dec 1936Union County, North Carolina I5497 myfamilytree 
30 BRASWELL, Elam Evander  19 Aug 1934Union County, North Carolina I11143 myfamilytree 
31 BRASWELL, Ester Ellen  4 Oct 1886Union County, North Carolina I5729 myfamilytree 
32 BRASWELL, James Milton  9 Dec 1924Union County, North Carolina I5524 myfamilytree 
33 BRASWELL, John Farah Ellington  13 Jan 1903Union County, North Carolina I800 myfamilytree 
34 BRASWELL, Martha Ellen  1921Union County, North Carolina I848 myfamilytree 
35 BRASWELL, Millie Vestie  2 Feb 1955Union County, North Carolina I1574 myfamilytree 
36 BRASWELL, Shadrack  21 Jun 1881Union County, North Carolina I5532 myfamilytree 
37 BREWER, Elizabeth  23 Nov 1887Union County, North Carolina I11419 myfamilytree 
38 BROOKS, Bunyan  6 Sep 1905Union County, North Carolina I11708 myfamilytree 
39 BROOKS, Cyrus Henry  26 Nov 1956Union County, North Carolina I11709 myfamilytree 
40 BROOKS, Elijah Fitzhugh  20 Feb 1920Union County, North Carolina I11697 myfamilytree 
41 BROOKS, Grace E  8 Nov 1903Union County, North Carolina I11707 myfamilytree 
42 BROOKS, Infant  28 Aug 1893Union County, North Carolina I11698 myfamilytree 
43 BROOKS, Infant  11 Jul 1900Union County, North Carolina I11710 myfamilytree 
44 BROOKS, Infant  18 Jun 1907Union County, North Carolina I11716 myfamilytree 
45 BROOKS, John D  1 Feb 1922Union County, North Carolina I11699 myfamilytree 
46 BROOKS, Judge Ellis  25 Jun 1881Union County, North Carolina I11701 myfamilytree 
47 BROOKS, Mary Frances "Fannie"  21 Jun 1908Union County, North Carolina I11695 myfamilytree 
48 BROOKS, Mary Jane  Bef 1870Union County, North Carolina I11402 myfamilytree 
49 BROOKS, Sarah Elizabeth  13 Sep 1911Union County, North Carolina I11696 myfamilytree 
50 BROOKS, Walter T  28 Sep 1931Union County, North Carolina I11715 myfamilytree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRASWELL, Robert Glenn  Union County, North Carolina I2757 myfamilytree 
2 JAMES, Arnetta  Union County, North Carolina I3842 myfamilytree 
3 LOVE, Rosa Christine  Union County, North Carolina I2883 myfamilytree 
4 MULLIS, Elder Oscar  Union County, North Carolina I3843 myfamilytree 
5 RUSHING, James Ellis  Union County, North Carolina I1589 myfamilytree 
6 SIMPSON, Queenie Victoria  Union County, North Carolina I1581 myfamilytree 
7 SIMPSON, Rossie Lillian  Union County, North Carolina I1590 myfamilytree 
8 TEAGUE  Union County, North Carolina I3523 myfamilytree 
9 TRULL, William H  Union County, North Carolina I8662 myfamilytree 
10 WILLIAMS, Houston C.  Union County, North Carolina I1580 myfamilytree 
11 WILLIAMS, Wincy Ann  Union County, North Carolina I23020 myfamilytree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BAUCOM / PUSSER  16 Sep 1900Union County, North Carolina F544 myfamilytree 
2 BAUCOM / SHEARON  2 May 1848Union County, North Carolina F1575 myfamilytree 
3 BAUCOM / SIMPSON  11 Dec 1910Union County, North Carolina F552 myfamilytree 
4 BAUCOM / WILLIAMS  Union County, North Carolina F3352 myfamilytree 
5 BIVENS / GRIFFIN  26 Oct 1858Union County, North Carolina F1701 myfamilytree 
6 BREWER / SIMPSON  13 Oct 1859Union County, North Carolina F5486 myfamilytree 
7 BROOKS / SIMPSON  10 Jan 1867Union County, North Carolina F1535 myfamilytree 
8 BROOKS / SIMPSON  11 Mar 1897Union County, North Carolina F493 myfamilytree 
9 DEESE / POPE  27 Jun 1897Union County, North Carolina F9735 myfamilytree 
10 DEESE / SIMPSON  25 Dec 1919Union County, North Carolina F557 myfamilytree 
11 DEESE / SIMPSON  14 Jul 1928Union County, North Carolina F563 myfamilytree 
12 DEESE / WILLIAMS  24 Oct 1869Union County, North Carolina F9743 myfamilytree 
13 GRIFFIN / WILLIAMS  17 Jan 1872Union County, North Carolina F1660 myfamilytree 
14 GRIFFIN / WILLIAMS  22 Aug 1907Union County, North Carolina F93 myfamilytree 
15 HAIGLER / WILLIAMS  9 Nov 1873Union County, North Carolina F1485 myfamilytree 
16 HELMS /   31 Jan 1850Union County, North Carolina F1506 myfamilytree 
17 HELMS / MEYERS  27 Mar 1884Union County, North Carolina F1516 myfamilytree 
18 HELMS / SIMPSON  6 Apr 1845Union County, North Carolina F5493 myfamilytree 
19 HELMS / SIMPSON  24 Oct 1858Union County, North Carolina F5483 myfamilytree 
20 HELMS / WILLIAMS  13 Mar 1890Union County, North Carolina F1523 myfamilytree 
21 HUNEYCUTT / WILLIAMS  23 Sep 1877Union County, North Carolina F1486 myfamilytree 
22 LILES / SIMPSON  8 Jan 1883Union County, North Carolina F1532 myfamilytree 
23 LILES / WILLIAMS  10 Feb 1853Union County, North Carolina F9668 myfamilytree 
24 LOVE / SIMPSON  25 Oct 1914Union County, North Carolina F554 myfamilytree 
25 McBRIDE / WILLIAMS  20 Nov 1887Union County, North Carolina F1041 myfamilytree 
26 McDANIELS / SIMPSON  28 Nov 1928Union County, North Carolina F558 myfamilytree 
27 MEDLIN / SIMPSON  8 Mar 1888Union County, North Carolina F450 myfamilytree 
28 MULLIS / SIMPSON  1850Union County, North Carolina F5550 myfamilytree 
29 MULLIS / WILLIAMS  24 Mar 1864Union County, North Carolina F1505 myfamilytree 
30 PEACH / WILLIAMS  17 Aug 1879Union County, North Carolina F9760 myfamilytree 
31 POLK / WILLIAMS  11 Aug 1853Union County, North Carolina F3346 myfamilytree 
32 POPE / HALE  25 Nov 1855Union County, North Carolina F9734 myfamilytree 
33 RUSHING / SIMPSON  29 Mar 1919Union County, North Carolina F556 myfamilytree 
34 SCOTT / SIMPSON  22 Feb 1854Union County, North Carolina F5497 myfamilytree 
35 SIMPSON / AUSTIN  4 Feb 1864Union County, North Carolina F1764 myfamilytree 
36 SIMPSON / BAUCOM  30 Mar 1913Union County, North Carolina F550 myfamilytree 
37 SIMPSON / BEASLEY  24 Nov 1862Union County, North Carolina F5500 myfamilytree 
38 SIMPSON / BRASWELL  5 Feb 1891Union County, North Carolina F449 myfamilytree 
39 SIMPSON / BRASWELL  3 Sep 1951Union County, North Carolina F561 myfamilytree 
40 SIMPSON / BREWER  10 Aug 1843Union County, North Carolina F5487 myfamilytree 
41 SIMPSON / BROOKS  27 Nov 1862Union County, North Carolina F5480 myfamilytree 
42 SIMPSON / CASTOR  Union County, North Carolina F559 myfamilytree 
43 SIMPSON / CUTHBERTSON  1847Union County, North Carolina F5489 myfamilytree 
44 SIMPSON / GRIFFIN  15 Nov 1885Union County, North Carolina F1531 myfamilytree 
45 SIMPSON / HAMILTON  6 Dec 1866Union County, North Carolina F1770 myfamilytree 
46 SIMPSON / HELMS  15 Aug 1844Union County, North Carolina F1320 myfamilytree 
47 SIMPSON / HYATT  9 May 1936Union County, North Carolina F560 myfamilytree 
48 SIMPSON / JAMES  Bef 1926Union County, North Carolina F518 myfamilytree 
49 SIMPSON / McCAIN  26 Sep 1865Union County, North Carolina F5542 myfamilytree 
50 SIMPSON / MEDLIN  28 Sep 1849Union County, North Carolina F5484 myfamilytree 

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