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North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah L. "Carolina"  8 Feb 1861North Carolina I8330 myfamilytree 
2 Ulysses Zellie  3 Apr 1869North Carolina I6359 myfamilytree 
3 ?, Elizabeth  Jun 1839North Carolina I8361 myfamilytree 
4 ?, Elizabeth  Mar 1850North Carolina I8339 myfamilytree 
5 ?, Josina  Mar 1861North Carolina I7707 myfamilytree 
6 ?, Mary C.  Jul 1829North Carolina I8351 myfamilytree 
7 ADALINE  1836North Carolina I8243 myfamilytree 
8 ALLEN, Hezekiah  Bef 1780North Carolina I8220 myfamilytree 
9 ANNIE  1873North Carolina I9786 myfamilytree 
10 ASHCRAFT, Nancy  1801North Carolina I23024 myfamilytree 
11 BAUCOM, Bryant  1801North Carolina I4920 myfamilytree 
12 BAUCOM, Bryant  1801North Carolina I7118 myfamilytree 
13 BAUCOM, Sanders  25 Feb 1824North Carolina I23063 myfamilytree 
14 BEDFORD, Elizabeth  Abt 1815North Carolina I8558 myfamilytree 
15 BEDFORD, Nancy  1834North Carolina I8820 myfamilytree 
16 BENNETT, Clarky  1810North Carolina I3302 myfamilytree 
17 BLANTON, Batsy Sayer  26 Jan 1827North Carolina I22888 myfamilytree 
18 BOSTIC, Thomas A.  11 Oct 1868North Carolina I7094 myfamilytree 
19 BOWERS, Margaret  1794North Carolina I8225 myfamilytree 
20 BRASWELL, James  1752North Carolina I5593 myfamilytree 
21 BRASWELL, Zilpha  23 Apr 1830North Carolina I23064 myfamilytree 
22 BRIDGES, Albert C.  Mar 1858North Carolina I8255 myfamilytree 
23 BRIDGES, Alfred Wilson  1829North Carolina I7684 myfamilytree 
24 BRIDGES, Anderson  1819North Carolina I7919 myfamilytree 
25 BRIDGES, Biddie  May 1862North Carolina I7874 myfamilytree 
26 BRIDGES, Caleb  1801North Carolina I5485 myfamilytree 
27 BRIDGES, Charlotte L.  Jul 1848North Carolina I8036 myfamilytree 
28 BRIDGES, Clifton  Apr 1879North Carolina I9726 myfamilytree 
29 BRIDGES, Drury S  1815North Carolina I4697 myfamilytree 
30 BRIDGES, Durham  1872North Carolina I9785 myfamilytree 
31 BRIDGES, Edmond J.  Sep 1850North Carolina I8023 myfamilytree 
32 BRIDGES, Ezekiel "Zeke"  22 Aug 1810North Carolina I7670 myfamilytree 
33 BRIDGES, George  1796North Carolina I4777 myfamilytree 
34 BRIDGES, George Washington  Oct 1852North Carolina I8664 myfamilytree 
35 BRIDGES, Green  1858North Carolina I7859 myfamilytree 
36 BRIDGES, Hassell H.  1835North Carolina I7910 myfamilytree 
37 BRIDGES, James A.  Apr 1863North Carolina I8676 myfamilytree 
38 BRIDGES, John  1816North Carolina I8015 myfamilytree 
39 BRIDGES, John S.  1819North Carolina I7988 myfamilytree 
40 BRIDGES, Kizziah "Kizzy" Clementine  Sep 1854North Carolina I8670 myfamilytree 
41 BRIDGES, Lawson  Nov 1829North Carolina I7912 myfamilytree 
42 BRIDGES, Letty Jane  3 Nov 1847North Carolina I6356 myfamilytree 
43 BRIDGES, Reuben  1803North Carolina I8048 myfamilytree 
44 BRIDGES, Samuel Albert  20 May 1859North Carolina I8030 myfamilytree 
45 BRIDGES, Sarah E.  May 1855North Carolina I8555 myfamilytree 
46 BRIDGES, Seaton D.  Feb 1855North Carolina I8034 myfamilytree 
47 BRIDGES, Thomas S.  Oct 1840North Carolina I6347 myfamilytree 
48 BRIDGES, Thomas Stone  Abt 1820North Carolina I4700 myfamilytree 
49 BRIDGES, Thomson W.  Feb 1843North Carolina I8778 myfamilytree 
50 BRIDGES, Washington  Apr 1815North Carolina I8031 myfamilytree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRIDGES, Aaron  22 Jun 1852North Carolina I4769 myfamilytree 
2 CABINESS, Nancy  1880North Carolina I11336 myfamilytree 
3 GINGLES, Samuel  1777North Carolina I4629 myfamilytree 
4 GREEN, Drucillia  Abt 1855North Carolina I5919 myfamilytree 
5 GREEN, Lavinia (Viney)  Abt 1883North Carolina I4524 myfamilytree 
6 GREENE, Samuel  Aft 1880North Carolina I6962 myfamilytree 
7 HELMS, Molly Leah  Bef 1859North Carolina I23042 myfamilytree 
8 JONES, Martha (Patsy)  Bef 1846North Carolina I4532 myfamilytree 
9 LAWRENCE, Thomas  North Carolina I8749 myfamilytree 
10 McENTIRE, Hon James  27 May 1818North Carolina I5672 myfamilytree 
11 MELTON, Cornelius  Apr 1821North Carolina I4540 myfamilytree 
12 PATTON, William  Bef 1880North Carolina I8224 myfamilytree 
13 PHILLIPS, Sarah A.  29 Jul 1862North Carolina I10146 myfamilytree 
14 SCHINDLER, Maria Barbara  1784North Carolina I5720 myfamilytree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 GARDNER, Caroline  North Carolina I119 myfamilytree 
2 GARDNER, Caroline  North Carolina I155 myfamilytree 
3 GARDNER, Lewis  North Carolina I47 myfamilytree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BRASWELL / TRULL  25 Dec 1825North Carolina F3774 myfamilytree 
2 GREENE / NANNY  21 Apr 1973North Carolina F2799 myfamilytree 
3 MOSS / SCROGGINS  1828North Carolina F3443 myfamilytree 
4 WILLIAMS / GURLEY  11 Aug 1859North Carolina F9675 myfamilytree 
5 WILLIAMS / HELMS  Abt 1820North Carolina F9670 myfamilytree 
6 WOMACK / GOODSON  22 Mar 1802North Carolina F4875 myfamilytree 
7 WOMACK / PRYROR  Bef 1765North Carolina F5019 myfamilytree